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MOST RECENT POST:  Summer Kayaking Holidays

Summer’s just around the corner, and here at runtime we’ve been itching to get out on the lake. We know, this is a running blog. But chances are, if you’re into one form of fitness, you’re probably into several. Kayaking is great upper body and core training to complement your running routine.

This year, we’re encouraging everyone to plan kayaking into your holiday adventures. Planning a trip abroad? Traveling by boat is a great way to maximize your outdoor time, see more of the countryside, and escape the tourist throngs. 

While you're thinking about getting out on the water, make sure you're geared up right this year. Whether you're looking for the best kayak or the best fishing kayak, you want to know that you've got the proper gear for all your adventures. 

Check us out for more posts focused on having an active lifestyle while having fun at the same time!

Previous Post:  Running in Cemeteries: Do’s and Don’ts

As we all get running again this spring, we’ve been thinking about one place you might not think to run: the graveyard. Now, before you wonder what we’re on about, think about the upshots of running in cemeteries:

-They’re softer than concrete. Let’s face it-most of us don’t have access to beautiful dirt tracks and wooded trails. We’re stuck with the sidewalk or paved bike paths. Study after study has shown that asphalt and concrete are knackering on your joints. Cemeteries usually have dirt or gravel paths which are much more forgiving. They also offer a variety of textures, which helps protect you against sprain and other stability injuries.

-They’re quiet, peaceful, and great for breath work: None of us like running around crowded intersections or busy bazaars. There are a million distractions, lots of stops and starts. That’s not good for your runs. Cemeteries are a place to go at your own pace, without lots of interruptions.

-There’s a lot of green space and fresh air. Enough said.

-There’s no traffic. That means no chance of accidents, and no breathing in smog or exhaust. That also guarantees a lot fewer stops and starts.

However, many people might be a bit turned off by the thought of running in a cemetery. Some people might find it disrespectful, or disruptive. But what better way to honor those who have passed away than to keep healthy and enjoy life out in the open?

Here’s our take. Run in the cemeteries, but be respectful. Check the rules, and make sure you’re not disrupting a ceremony or remembrance. Don’t spit, and don’t dig up turf around graves or off the path. If someone speaks to you about your runs, make sure you engage them! You can talk about what the cemetery means to you, and make sure they understand that you’re not intending any disrespect.

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